AAP Business Club avec Richard Straub, Président du Global Peter Drucker Forum

Le AAP Business Club aura lieu jeudi 8 avril 2021, à 19h sous forme d’une vidéoconférence en anglais.

“Entering the Post-Humanistic Society? Peter Drucker’s New Relevance”

We are pleased to welcome Richard Straub, President of the Global Peter Drucker Forum and member of the AAP for our AAP Business Club.

Richard will talk about Peter Drucker, often called the father of modern management, who placed the human being at the center of his concerns for the importance of organizations and institutions for functioning societies.

Drucker's values and convictions were first shaped by his upbringing in Vienna in the 1920s, a vibrant intellectual environment that also found him in an unusually thoughtful household. The salons his parents hosted every week brought together society's leading thinkers for cross-disciplinary discussions of ideas from philosophy, history, technology, and economics. It was this grounding that prepared him to see the grand patterns and trends he wrote about in the 1960s and 1970s, when he identified the rise of "knowledge workers" and described the central role they would play in what he called the "post-industrial" society.

Half a century later, what large-scale change might Drucker seize on and make sense of? In the digital transformations taking place in organizations and economies today would he see the threat of a "post-humanistic" society? What alternatives might he propose to giving algorithms--and the specialists and technocrats behind them--too much control? We can be sure he would still believe that a functioning pluralist society depends on both a spiritual foundation of common values and an economy geared for entrepreneurial, innovative progress. Which role should managers and leaders play to achieve that?

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Jeudi, 8 Avril, 2021 - 19:00
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Via Zoom
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